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From the staff at Efficient Cleaning  Services,  I thank you for being our customer and like to continue serving you and look forward to give  you out standing services call us if in need we are here to service you call us before you commit, make sure you  are getting a fair quote. We will give you outstanding service . You have my word on that, just give us call., not only that if you are doing it yourself and have questions we will answer your questions for you.

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Efficient Cleaning is the cleaning company you call when other Milwaukee cleaning companies say, “We don’t do that.” When you want to sell a house that hasn’t been cleaned in five years, Efficient Cleaning is who you call to get it looking good again. Efficient Cleaning is the cleaning company you call when your great aunt who hasn’t thrown anything out in 20 years passes away in her South Milwaukee bungalow with 15 cats trapped inside the house. Efficient Cleaning is the Milwaukee restaurant cleaning company you call when your restaurant gets shut down by the health department because of the moldy grease pit growing into the side of the deep fryer. Efficient Cleaning is the Milwaukee graffiti removal company you call when the front of your business gets defaced and you need it cleaned up ASAP. Efficient Cleaning is the Milwaukee cleaning company to call for all carpet cleaning, smoke, fire or flood cleanup, degreasing, power washing, sandblasting, , and any other cleaning job you don’t want to deal with. Call Efficient Cleaning today to see why Wisconsin’s largest real estate company continually uses our services - we do what other Milwaukee cleaning companies cannot, plain and simple.

Efficient Cleaning does NOT do light maintenance cleaning – we are not the company you call to come sweep up your dust bunnies every week. Efficient Cleaning is the company you call to remove tough stains from floors, walls, ceilings, sidewalks, appliances, basements, and any other surface of your home or business. There is no cleaning job too large or too small. We are fully licensed and insured for all types of cleaning, including  removal and crime scene cleanup. Whether you need to clean out a basement full of junk or clean up after a party that got out of hand, Efficient Cleaning is the company who makes your problems go away. Efficient Cleaning disposes of all waste responsibly, even recycling and donating all goods which are salvageable.

 When it comes to removing the nasty stains, smells, and messes nobody wants to deal with, Efficient Cleaning is  the cleaning company in Milwaukee who can help you out. If you are located in Waukesha, Brookfield, Oak Creek, Mequon, or anywhere in the greater Milwaukee area, call Efficient Cleaning for all your tough cleaning & junk removal needs.

For carpet cleaning, graffiti removal/sandblasting, or junk removal in the Waukesha, Brookfield, Oak Creek, Mequon, or anywhere in the greater Milwaukee area, call Efficient Cleaning   414.305.3074 for all your TOUGH cleaning needs!


Milwaukee Efficient Trucking and Warehousing Service


Efficient Cleaning started off nearly 20 years ago as a Residential Moving company helping people clean up and clean out their old residences when moving to new homes. Just as our cleaning services have grown and expanded, our Milwaukee truck services have continuously evolved. Today, Efficient Trucking and Warehousing offers commercial trucking and warehousing exclusively (no residential jobs). Our dry system warehouse in Milwaukee Wisconsin is the perfect location to handle your Wisconsin trucking and Midwest distribution needs. Call Efficient Trucking and Warehousing today to learn how we can fulfill all your Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Illinois trucking and shipping needs, Fully Licensed and Insured.


 We handle some of the most delicate situation in house cleaning you don’t have to feel bad or embarrassed we’re discreet and confidential and we put your interest first. Give us a call and we will meet with you, and you let us know what you would like the end results be.  My name is Richard Webb the owner and operator you couldn’t show us anything we haven’t saw or done before. Relax you’re in good hands



Today in Nashville Tennessee if you need us we will go there, we just have to workout the details, we are here to serve. 

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